HAN DOCK Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., which puts safety first,
gives the best value based on trust and trust.
CEO greetings
Handok Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. seeks to be a global leading company that cares about customers. Maximize product performance and space utilization by creating the best products and services based on talent and technology! The best quality to improve customer convenience and create a happy life, It is a company specializing in the production of functional, new concept hardware.

As high-tech household electronics, appliances, and furniture components, Best quality and affordability We will devote ourselves to technology development and product confidence with constant efforts and beliefs to continuous improvement of our quality systems!

Robust and luxurious slide rails Headquarters is located in Seongseo 2nd complex in Daegu Metropolitan City and has been developing and mass-producing guide rails for home appliances and furniture for the past 25 years. Recently, we are diversifying our business by developing functional hardware for computer displays, parts for heavy industry, and special rails for medical industry. To enhance international competitiveness, Handok Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is striving to improve quality and quality through ISO 9001 certification, obtaining INNO-BIZ certification, and establishing a corporate research institute to develop new products.

    Creative development We do our best to develop new products to improve product quality, reduce cost, and improve customer convenience.
    Quality improvement I try to be the best in every way with constant passion and spirit of challenge.
    Change Leadership Implement change and innovation to produce and differentiate high-quality products.