ball rails
HD 100 (Wood, Keyboard) HDK 100 (Procurement, Steel) HD 100W (Double) HD 600 (Wood, Keyboard) HDK 600 (Steel) HD 600 (Brackets) HD 5300 (High capacity rail) Automotive rail Special dedicated rail

hd 100 (Wood, Keyboard)

This is a two-stage ball rail mainly used for furniture drawers and kitchen furniture.

hdk 100 (Procurement, Steel)

It is a two-stage ball rail with clip-type mounting.

hd 100w (wood)

It is a 3-step ball rail that can firmly fix drawers with fixed wings.

hd 600 (Wood, Keyboard)

It is a 3-stage ball rail that can withstand heavy loads.

hdk 600(Steel)

It is a 3-stage ball rail.

hd 600Brackets

It is a bracket applicable rail of 3-step ball rail and is mainly used in computer desks.

hd 5300High capacity rail

This is a load-bearing, large-capacity storage rail.

Automotive rail

This is a dedicated rail for automobiles designed to be installed inside the vehicle.

Special dedicated rail

It is a special dedicated rail that can be applied in a shape suitable for the customer's use.