imported products
HD 4500 HD 4500DP (Wood, Damping) HD 3500 (Wood) HD 2000W (Double) Under rail(Double, Damping) Tendem rails

hd 4500

It is mainly used for heavy furniture and is a 3-stage ball rail with drawers that open all the way.

hd 4500dp (Wood, Damping)

It is mainly used for heavy furniture with a high load, and is a damper type 3-stage ball rail that opens the drawer all the way.

hd 3500 (wood)

It is a 3-step ball rail that can firmly fix drawers with fixed wings.

hd 2000w (double)

It is a 3-level rail that is shared on the left and right and the drawer opens all the way.

under rail (double, Damping)

Installed under the drawer, the rail is not visible, so it is an excellent under-rail for interior effect.

tendem rails

It can be used for products with a heavy load (50kg class).